Turning the Pet Inquiry Form on or off

By default, your Pet Inquiry Form is on.
You can toggle the form on and off instantly at any time at 
-- that link is also in your admin area Shelter/Rescue menu.
With the form turned on, potential adopters will see a nice big green contact button on the top of each of your pet listing pages. When they click it, a simple form pops up for them to fill out an email you. 
Advantages to the Pet Inquiry Form being on:
  • The emails you receive via the form have the pre-formatted subject line with the pet's name and ID# (if you use ID#s).
  • The emails you receive automatically include a link at the bottom back to the pet listing, another way to help you know which pet they inquired about.
  • The form asks for a phone number, city, and state, which is included in the email sent to you. Though optional, most people do provide this information. This can help you quickly see if it is a local or long distance inquiry. 
If you turn the Pet Inquiry Form off:
Potential adopters will see a blue contact button. When they click on it, instead of our contact form popping up, it will bring them down the page to where they can see your...

Contact info

If you've chosen to display a Public Email, they will need to click on it and use their own email program to email you directly. (You can choose to display Email Only, Phone Only, or Email and Phone on your Shelter/Rescue Info Page.) 
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