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Q: We love your site and now we are getting so many email inquiries asking about our pets, our volunteers are struggling to keep up! Is there a way we can change the "Ask About Me" button to go to our adoption process page which includes our adoption hours and application, instead of emailing us?

A: To list pets on we do require you have a way for potential adopters to contact you, either by email, phone, or both.

Two ideas that other shelters and rescues use and tell us really help:

1. Using an inquiry email address with an auto-reply. In the autoreply type out instructions, such as what are their next steps to adopt. NOTE: Test that your email service autoreply will work with our inquiry form after you set that up by sending yourself a test inquiry. Some email services have chosen to have their autorepliers ignore 'replyto' email addresses. 

Your inquiry email is the "Shelter E-mail" you typed in when you signed up, or if you select a Pet Contact that overrides the default email. You can see and change your default email on your My Shelter/Rescue Info page. Changes are made instantly on all your pet listings for that account. If you have multiple accounts/locations, you will need to update the email on each account.

2. Add instructions including a link to an application in your account's "Our Adoption Process" and "Online adoption application link" fields. The process text and application link appear automatically on every pet. If you have different application links (like one for cats and one for dogs) you can either link to your website's home page and/or use basic HTML in the process box to make a clickable link, instructions here.  You can edit those two fields on your "My Shelter/Rescue Info" page in your admin area. 
Tip: To learn more about the "Ask About Me" form, click here.
If you need any additional help, click the blue "help" bubble below, search for anything then click "Contact Us" to contact us via that form. We're here to help!
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