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Q: We love your site and now we are getting so many email inquiries asking about our pets, our volunteers are struggling to keep up! Is there a way we can change the "Ask About Me" button to go to our adoption process page which includes our adoption hours and application, instead of emailing us?

A: To list pets on we do require you have a way for potential adopters to contact you, either by email, phone, or both.

Two ideas that other shelters and rescues use and tell us really help:

1. Using an inquiry email address with an auto-reply. In the auto-reply type out instructions, such as what are their next steps to adopt. (If you need an email with auto-reply ability, Gmail is a free service that offers easy auto-reply setup.)

Your inquiry email is the "Shelter E-mail" you typed in when you signed up. You can see and change it on your My Shelter/Rescue Info page. Changes are made instantly on all your pet listings for that account. If you have multiple accounts/locations, you will need to update on each account.

2. Add instructions including a link to an application in your account's "Our Adoption Process" box. That box's text appears automatically under every pet. HTML is supported in that box to make a clickable link, instructions here.  You can edit that box on your "My Shelter/Rescue Info" page in your admin area. 
Tip: To learn more about the "Ask About Me" form, click here.
If you need any additional help, please email - thank you!
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