Forward inquiries to multiple email addresses

Q: Can you send our pets' Adoption Inquiry messages to more than one email address?

A: While our website does not have the ability, you can use a Gmail email account and setup a filter to automatically forward any inquiries from "" to multiple email addresses. Here's how:

1. Create or Log in to a Gmail email account.
2. Click the Gear icon in the upper right, select settings
3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP 
Click "Add a forwarding address".
Type in the additional email address, click next. 
The forwarding email will get an email with a confirmation code. Type in the code, click verify.
IMPORTANT: leave Disable forwarding selected! You don't want all email forwarded.
4. Click Filters and Blocked Addresses
5. Click "Create a new filter"
type in the from field
leave the rest of the fields blank
click Create filter with this search »
check "Forward it to"  and select the email from the dropdown.
click "create filter" button.
Repeat as needed for additional email addresses. Each Gmail account can have up to 20 filters.
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    Debbie Yeager

    I have a maltese jack Russell who wouldloveto haveaplaymate I have a lot oflove for 2 pets howbig will he grt and the price I live in haymarket va

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    Debbie Yeager

    could you please send an application the puppy I want is agape

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    Hi Debbie!

    Please go back to the pet's listing page and click the "Ask About Me" button to contact the shelter or rescue that has the pet. You commented on a help article. That won't reach the shelter. We are only a website. We are not the shelter or rescue.

    Thank you for your interest in adopting!

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