Pets with a different email or phone contact

Q: We'd like adopters to email the pet's foster home directly, not our main email address. Can we change the info in the contact box info for individual pets?

A: Yes! To do that, use Pet Contacts:

  • First, create a new pet contact. Then you can switch the contact on the add pet or edit pet form. That contact's name, email and/or phone will appear only on that pet.

  • You can only use Pet Contacts if you are adding pets using our add pet forms (not Auto-Uploading from software).

  • Using Pet Contacts only changes that individual pet listing's contact name, email, and/or phone.

  • Pets will still show up in search results under your account's zip code, and will still display your account's address, i.e. city, state, zip -- and street address if you display one. 

To list pets in different zip codes, you need to add new account/locations. See how at

Thanks for your question!


A few places email addresses are used in shelter/rescue accounts:
1 - "Pet Publicist" admin login emails: Not visible to the public. You can add as many as you like. 
2 - "Shelter Profile" email: Optionally visible to the public. Only one email is allowed here. This is the Show Public email on your My Shelter/Rescue Info page (Changing this does not affect Pet Publicist or Pet Contact emails.) 
3. "Pet Contact" emails: Optional to set up. You can have multiple, but only one can be selected on each pet. 


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