Tip: Link to more than one application

You know you can add your online adoption application link to your Adopt-a-Pet.com accounts so it appears as a clickable link on each of your adoptable pets, but what if you have a cat application link and a dog application link?  

Your Adoptapet application link field

Here's what the online application link field looks on each Adopt-a-Pet.com account's My Shelter/Rescue Info page in your admin area. Don't forget, this is per account, so if you have separate location accounts, you have one of these for each account:


You can only put one link in that field. So how can you link to more than one application? Like if you have different links you want to use like a cat application link, a dog application link, a foster application link, a directions and hours page link, and so on. You can use a free "link tree" service to create your own custom list of links on a landing page! Then you'll have one "tree" page link that you can use in the field above -- and you can use it in the one link field that social media like Instagram and Facebook give you too.

Free PRO link tree services

There are a few popular link tree services that have free versions. The one we see used the most is  

Linktree https://linktr.ee 

Pro tip: If you’re a registered charity, let Linktree know. They give their PRO version for free to all charities if you fill out this form. Read more about their charity uses at https://blog.linktr.ee/linktree-non-profits-charities 

When users click on a link tree url, a mobile-friendly page opens up that looks like one of these:



You can create your tree with just two links, or as many as you like! You can customize the layout colors and icon. Once you create your tree, you can copy your unique tree link in to your Adopt-a-Pet.com online adoption application link field, click the update button at the bottom of the page to save your change, and BOOM you're done! Check out how it works by looking at any of your pets on Adopt-a-Pet.com and clicking the adoption application link that appears near the Ask About Me green button near the top of each pet's page.


Have questions or need help adding a link tree link to your accounts? Click the blue ? help button below to send our Adopt-a-Pet.com helpdesk a message.

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