How to add a new pet

Adding a new pet is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Log in to your shelter/rescue account on
  2. From the Add Pet menu, select the type of pet you want to add.
  3. Fill in the fields and browse to select photos, then click the Add button at the bottom.

NOTE: this is for 'manual' adding of pets, not if you are uploading your pets from your software program.


We were asked for more detailed steps for less computer savvy users, so we've added those below. This is easiest done on a regular (desktop) computer but can be done on most mobile devices too.

1. Go to
2. Type in your email address
type in your password
(if you need to reset your password click "forgot password")
click the green LOGIN button
3. After you are logged in...
in the green menu bar, click Add Pet
then select Add Cat (or another pet type)
4. Fill in the form with the pet's information. 
Only the orange labeled info is required.
5. Add Pet's Photos: You can add 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos for each pet. In the blue box on the right of the form, click on a Choose File button. A window pops up. Navigate in that window to one photo file saved on your computer. Double click on that photo file (or click on it once then click open, some computers require that). Repeat for additional photos.
6. Click the Add this Cat! button at the bottom.
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