You can use's  "AutoUploading" system with BARRK to automatically add, update, and remove your adoptable pets to one account.


First, you need to be a shelter or rescue with an approved account. If you aren't, please sign up at

Once you've been approved, log in at then...

Check AutoUpload Contact

One of your account Pet Publicists needs to have the AutoUpload Contact checked on their My Info > My Pet Publicist Info. That Pet Publicist must monitor and respond to any error email alerts. As a courtesy to help you with monitoring, our AutoUpload system sends you error email alerts. The alerts includes the first basic troubleshooting step. If that does not help you to fix the error(s) please contact BARRK via email or contact Adopt a Pet here.

If you were using another software, first de-activate that...

1. Mouse over the "Shelter/Rescue" menu and select AutoUpload/Import Pets


That takes you to your current software settings. De-activate (set to no), click "update" to save that change, then reload the page.


Next, enable AutoUpload...

4. Select None of the Above 

5. Click Continue


6. Change all of the options to these...


software: none of the above

manually addedno

manually editedno

column headersyes

import acceptable petsyes


7. Click the "Set Up" button.

8. Your FTP username and FTP password will be displayed. Copy them for the next step.

9. BARRK has a detailed article on where to enter your FTP credentials in their software here:


NOTE: If you have multiple location accounts, you will need to choose just 1 account to connect to BARRK, and only that account will get uploaded pets.



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