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Shelter Pro software offers automated uploading of your adoptable pets to your account. Their website is If you need help with your Shelter Pro software, please contact them directly by emailing .




* The first upload will permanently erase ALL your available pets, adopted pets, adopters, and microchip info from You can use Pet Export and Adopter Export to download and save the data on your computer before you change any settings. Only available pets are uploaded.

* If you were AutoUploading from another software already, FOLLOW THESE STEPS first.

* To upload from Shelter Pro to, you need an email address for someone with your organization who will be responsible for monitoring your uploading for any errors. Errors will prevent your pets from updating or showing up on, and so need to be addressed by you as soon as possible.  If you are not the AutoUpload contact, ask that person to log in using their Pet Publicist login to complete the steps below. If they aren't a publicist yet, add them here checking "I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue."



If your pets and photos are in ShelterPro then you're ready take these steps:

1. Log in at

2. Go to Shelter/Rescue > AutoUpload/Import Pets

3. Select "Shelter Pro" from the dropdown and click Continue.

4. LEAVE THE DEFAULT OPTIONS  or your uploading will not work automatically!
5. Click set-up-button.jpg

6. You will then see your custom FTP information. You need to enter it in your Shelter Pro software. Follow the setup in your Shelter Pro user guide for setting up Web uploads. Here's a screenshot of how that might look, your version may look slightly different:


5. After you've run your extract and upload, your can use the "test upload" button at to check for errors, or wait for the error emails. 

There are often "mapping" errors during the initial setup. Also if new values are uploaded, new mapping errors may too. See below for links to download the Shelter Pro mapping setup guide PDF and our list of breed and color values, an XLS (Excel) file. We have thousands of accounts uploading and we are here to help, but we can't actively monitor all accounts. This is why you must have an AutoUpload contact, so you can monitor and fix any of your account's errors.

Thanks it, you're all set!


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