offers uploading of your adoptable pets to, including through their free "Portal" service: 

If you have pets on that you'd like imported (a one-time process) to, before you change any settings, ask us for your CSV export. 


* The first upload from any software will permanently erase ALL your pet data on, including any adopted pets, adopters, and microchip info. Use Pet Export and Adopter Export to save the date on your computer.

* If you already have AutoUploading setup on your account for another software, please notify us and that software before proceeding, so we can fully remove them.


To set up AutoUploading from

1. Log in to your account.

2. Go to Shelter/Rescue > AutoUpload/Import Pets

3. Select "" from the dropdown menu.

4. Leave all the default options and click the setup or update button.

You will see a pop-up warning,. Please read it. Click cancel if you have pet data that you want to export first, or OK to continue:


5. Note down your unique FTP username and password. It is different from your account login.

6. Click the "Email to button."


Note: If you click "test import now" you will see a missing file error until RescueGroups starts uploading for you, usually within a few days.

Please be aware that your account needs at least one Pet Publicist designated as the AutoUpload contact to receive any error emails. Whoever sets it up initally will be set as that. To designate different or additional AutoUpload contacts, log in as that Pet Publicist and under "My Info" check "I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue."


Tip #1: If your uploading doesn't start within a few business days, check the status of your exports at look for a green checkmark next to



Tip #2: AutoUploading is not instant. After the initial few days set up time, changes you make in RescueGroups will show updates within about 4 hours.

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