ShelterLuv can automatically upload (add) and update (edit/remove) your adoptable pets on your account. Here's how...



* If you were AutoUploading from another software already, FOLLOW THESE STEPS first.

* The first upload will permanently erase ALL your available pets, adopted pets, adopters, and microchip info from You can use Pet Export and Adopter Export to download and save the data on your computer before you change any settings. Only available pets are uploaded.

* To upload from ShelterLuv to, you need an email address for someone with your organization who will be responsible for monitoring and addressing any errors. If you are not the AutoUpload contact, ask that person to log in using their Pet Publicist login to complete the steps below. If they aren't a publicist yet, add them here checking "I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue."




1. Go to

 or in your Admin area, go to Shelter/Rescue > AutoUpload/Import Pets
Remember: If you were using another software, de-activate 1st by setting active to "no" then clicking update.

2. Select "ShelterLuv" and click continue.

3. LEAVE THE DEFAULT OPTIONS  or your uploading will not work automatically!

Click set-up-button.jpg

Your unique FTP info will be displayed. Leave that page open.

4.  In 2nd browser window or tab, log in to your ShelterLuv account.

In ShelterLuv go to...

      "Uploads and Integrations" then expand
       "Aggregators of Adoptable Animals"


IMPORTANT: FTP fields are in a different order in ShelterLuv. Be sure to type in the correct boxes:


Set to "Auto upload enabled"

Click the "Save" button.

You will see a pop-up with the results of the connection test. It should say success!

If you only have one account on Adopt a Pet, that's it, you're all done.


Note: ShelterLuv uploads every 8 hours. 
          It takes 1 to 4 hours after that for pet updates to appear.


Multiple Sites (Locations)

If you have multiple upload sites, first WATCH: ShelterLuv's 1-minute tutorial video. Then repeat the above for each one -- each account has its own unique FTP Username and FTP password, also you'll need to click the red "Auto upload disabled" button in ShelterLuv next to each one to enable the auto upload feature with Adopt-a-Pet. 



What pet info does ShelterLuv upload to

  • Name
  • Species
  • Primary Breed / Secondary Breed 
  • Sex
  • Size for dogs (based on weight, otherwise defaults to small)
  • Age Group (Puppy/kitten/baby, young, adult, senior)
  • Website/Kennel Card Memo (animal bio/description)
  • Animal primary color (just the 1st one)
  • Photos (up to 4, one must be selected as the Cover Photo *see screenshot below)
  • YouTube video (up to 1)

Size is determined using the weight on the animal's record. ShelterLuv does not upload exact weight value. This ShelterLuv article has more information, be sure to scroll down to the "Note" section.

If there is additional information you want uploaded, like the pet's exact age, weight, vaccinations or whether the animal is altered or not, ShelterLuv recommends adding that as typed text in the animal's Kennel Card/Website Bio so it is visible in the pet's Story field on




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