ShelterLuv can automatically upload (add) and update (edit/remove) your adoptable pets on your account. Here's how to set that up.

IMPORTANT NOTE#1: The first upload from ShelterLuv (or any software) will permanently erase ALL your pet data on your account, including any adopted pets, adopter info, and microchip info. Please proceed carefully! 

IMPORTANT NOTE#2: If you were previously using from another software or service, please CONTACT THEM prior to making these changes to ask them to disable your upload. We also recommend after that, email to ask us to reset your FTP password.

1. Log in to your Adopt-a-Pet account

2. In the green navigation bar, click "Shelter/Rescue" 

3. Select "AutoUpload/Import Pets"
Note: If you were previously using another software's importing, you'll need to first de-activate that by setting the first option to "no" then clicking update.

4. Select the following options to enable AutoUploading: 

  • Select "ShelterLuv" from the Select a default profile dropdown. This will pre-fill the following options:

  • Do you want to allow your shelter/rescue to AutoUpload?
    Yes (this turns it on)

  • Allow manually added pets? 

  • Allow manual editing of pets?

  • Does your exported data file contain a first line with column headers? 

  • Do you want import acceptable pets, even if there are processing errors with other pets?

5. Click the Set-up (or update) button.

6. Your unique FTP information will be displayed. Save this information. 

7. Enter your unique FTP information in your ShelterLuv software and click Save.
    In ShelterLuv, that's under "Uploads and Integrations"
                         then "Aggregators of Adoptable Animals"
     Be sure to type the FTP Server exactly like this: 
     Your FTP username is four numbers.
     Your FTP password is all capital letters.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: The FTP fields are in a different order in ShelterLuv than on, so be sure to copy in to the right fields!


8. (This is IMPORTANT #4!) You need to have at least one Pet Publicist admin "AutoUpload Contact" on your account for uploading to run. That person will get any error emails, not more than once every 12 hours. That contact will then contact ShelterLuv to address any errors. If you are not the AutoUpload contact, ask that person to log in to your account. Click "My Info" and then "My Pet Publicist/Admin Info" i.e.

 Check the checkbox for:

 I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue.

Then click the "Update My Info" button.

Please email us at if you have questions!

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