Animal Shelter Manager

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first upload from any software will permanently erase ALL your pet data on your account, including any adopted pets, adopter info, and microchip info. Only adoptable pets from your software are added back. Please proceed carefully!
Animal Shelter Manager aka Shelter Manager or ASM or is software that lets you upload your adoptable pets to your account. Their website is



Step 1.  AutoUpload Contact 

You need to have at least one Pet Publicist admin "AutoUpload Contact" on your account for uploading to run.  If you are not the AutoUpload contact, either add them as a new Pet Publicist or login as them to the account so they can complete step 3.  ask the person who will be to log in to your account to complete step 2. Your AutoUpload contact is responsible for monitoring your uploading for any errors, see fixing errors section below. 
Step 2. Generate your unique FTP info

This is not the same as your account login/publicist info. To get your FTP info:

  1. Go to
  2. If you were using another software, select "No/Off" and click update (this resets it) and reload the page.
    Select "Animal Shelter Manager" from the dropdown.
  3. Leave the default options. If you change them, your uploading will not function correctly.
  4. Click the "Set up My AutoUpload Account" button. Your unique FTP info will appear. It will look like this:
FTP Username
(all numbers)
FTP Server
FTP Password
(all upper-case letters)


Step 2. Copy your FTP info into and check Enabled

Go to the Publishing tab in your, copy over the FTP info, check Enabled.


That's it! Your available pets should appear on AdoptaPet within 12 hours.



Fixing errors: Which version of do you use?

If there are uploading errors, we send your AutoUpload Contact(s) an email, not more than once every 12 hours. Errors need to be fixed for your uploaded pets to display. How you fix them depends on if you use their A) paid version (A), or B) their open-source downloaded version:
A) ASM's paid version at
See more info about fixing mapping errors at
and at
If you need additional help please contact ASM's Customer Service at
  • If you add a new breed in, you need to choose a matching "Publisher" breed to upload it.  In your go to Settings->Lookup Data->Breeds. Edit any mapped breed by clicking on it, then choose a suitable breed from the list.
  • If you don't map a new breed, it will default to Affenpinscher.
  • For dogs, you can map your default breed to ASM's "Mixed Breed" publisher breed, which translates to Mixed Breed (Medium) on Adoptapet.
  • Primary breed is required. It can not be left blank.
B) ASM's free open-source version that you download to your computer/server.
 Instructions for setting up your self-hosted ASM "Internet Publishing" are in the ASM user manual. ASM Version 2 manual is here:
ASM offers open source support in their forums at 
If you are self-hosted and customize your breeds or colors, you will need to edit your mapping file. THIS IS EDITING CODE. If you are not comfortable editing code, we will do our best to help you, but consider using their paid version so ASM will do the mapping for you. (You can choose not to upload/publish colors, but custom breeds will still requiring mapping.) If you are self-hosted and need our help with mapping customized breeds and colors, contact AdoptaPet using this form


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