Animal Shelter Manager isn't uploading all my pets

Q: I must be doing something wrong. Two of my pets are showing up on Adopt-A-Pet but the other 2 aren’t. I have many more pets to add and am new to Adopt-A-Pet and to ASM. Have uploaded multiple times in the last 18 hours.



I'm sorry you're having difficulty with your Animal Shelter Manager software auto-uploading!
The reason some of your pets are not showing up is you have mapping errors. (You are using breed names or colors that you have not translated to our system's breed and color values.) We send you error emails every 12 hours if you have any. Any mapping errors will prevent those pets from showing up. 
How to fix your mapping errors:
A) If you are using the paid version that ASM hosts for you, you can let them know that you have these errors and they will help you fix them:
B) If you are you using the free self-hosted version (that you downloaded and installed on your computer or server) you will need to edit your mapping file on your computer or server. You will need to add lines of code to map any custom values you are using. ASM's user manual says: "...the first time you run this publisher, it will create a file called “saveapet mappings.txt” in your .asm folder - this is the mappings file (what becomes the import.cfg sent to and if you wish to translate any of your breeds, species, types or colours to match the standard set, you can do it here. The default file created by ASM maps the default ASM lookups to AdoptAPet." You can get free help from other ASM users at
In addition to the error emails, as soon as you or ASM uploads a fixed mapping file (or edited pets to use values already mapped) you can click the "test import now" button on your AutoUpload settings page.
Still need help? Click the blue "help" bubble below, search for anything then click "Contact Us" to contact us via that form. We're here to help!
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