Can't log in has several different login systems. 

TRY FIRST: Don't use autofill!

 - Retype your email in all lower case.

 - Also retype your password. 

 - Use a desktop or laptop computer, if possible.



1. New Pet Alerts: If you are a potential adopter and want to see or cancel your New Pet Alert email settings, go here:
There is no New Pet Alert login. Use the link above and type in your email address. A special link is emailed to you.

2. Favorite Pets: You can login to see Your Favorite Pets here:

3. Facebook login help, go here:

If you are an adopter and need login help, go to and click the blue "help" bubble, search for anything then click "Contact us".



If you are an individual pet owner who listed your own pet for adoption on Rehome, click the "log in" at

If you need Rehome login help, go to and click the blue "help" bubble, search for anything then click "Contact us".



Tip: Your shelter/rescue account Pet Publicist aka admin login is an email address.

Try from the dedicated shelter/rescue login page at


If you get a Grrr Hiss...

1. Retype your email address and password again. (Sometimes saved info causes an error.)

 2. Reset your password at

A password reset link (valid for 24 hours) will be emailed to you instantly.

If none of the above works, or if volunteers or staff left without giving you any login information, shelters and rescues may email us by clicking the blue "help" button on this page, search for "login" then click "Contact Us" to email us via that form. Preferably type in your official email address for the shelter or rescue organization. We can help you get logged in. Please do not create a new account.

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