PetPoint now offers a free import to

As a PetPoint user, your organization's adoptable pets can now automatically appear on through a direct feed from PetPoint. The following steps will turn the feed on. If you have any questions or need your PetPoint ID, please email

1. Log into your account
2. Select the Shelter/Rescue menu
3. Click on "Import from PetPoint Software"
4. Click on "Yes" to turn on the feed
5. Make sure the PetPoint ID and Site ID are set to your organizations assigned ID - if you do not use sites, your site ID value should be set to 0
6. Click on "Save Import Settings"

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your import is set to yes and saved, that that instantly moves all pets you have on your "My Pet List" to your "My Hidden Pets" list and allows importing. With your import on, you can not access your My Pet List, My Hidden Pets, or My Adopted Pets.

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