using QR codes


QR codes are unique black and white square matrix barcode images, like the one you see above. They are designed to be scanned with a smart phone camera. A link prompt pops up on the phone screen, which can be tapped to open the website link that's coded within the QR code image. QR stands for Quick Response.

Adopt a Pet has used QR codes on the printed kennel cards and adoption flyers available to shelter and rescue users since 2012! We were a bit ahead of our time, but now they are very common and a great tool to bring people easily to your pet listings on Adopt a Pet, or to any website or social media.

Example: You can create a QR code that links people to or your Rehome referral URL and put it on a printed card to hand out to owners or individuals who need help rehoming a pet.

You can easily generate your own unique QR codes using any of the many free QR code generators. We recommend you choose one that has been around for a while from a bigger company, especially if you are going to be printing it on to anything you might be distributing for a while.


One of our favorite free QR code generators is from Canva:

Easy to create and drop it in to your design of choice, or download for use anywhere.


Adobe has this free, fast and easy generator:

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