Create PDF pet flyers or kennel cards


In your AdoptaPet Shelter/Rescue Admin Area, you can print or share PDFs of pre-designed kennel cards (aka cage cards) or flyers for any of your currently available pets. See those two options below!

Based on your feedback, we also made a kennel card (half page) "template" that you can edit in Canva, the free and easy-to-use online graphic design tool. Access that template here:



Create a single pet PDF flyer or kennel card that you can print or email (PetPoint/Chameleon users, see option 2):

  1. Log in to your Admin Home, select Pet Lists, then My Pet List.
    Direct link:
  2. Find the pet - scroll or type name or ID number in search box - no need to hit enter.
  3. Select "Print Adoption Flyer" (full sheet size) or "Print Kennel Card" (half sheet size) next to their name.
  4. In most browsers it opens in a new window with the PDF, then "save as" to your desktop, or print.
(Note: if your PetPoint or Chameleon import is enabled so you can't see your My Pet List, you can use Option 2 below to create a batch PDF and then use Print to just print 1 page, or save it as a 1 page PDF. Watch our How-to video click here.)


Batch print flyers or kennel cards for multiple pets:
Go to the Print Center at


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