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Fundraising online has been a part of animal welfare since the early days of the internet. It really exploded after 2020 when in-person events were not possible, with many more organizations looking to virtual sources for generating critical donations. From dog walks to bingo, auctions to bad drawings, shelters and rescues got creative!

There are now countless tools available to help you fundraise online, for almost every size and type of fundraiser you can imagine. We've assembled this list of popular tools and fundraising guides from experts in our field:



1. PetFundr with AdoptaPet

PetFundr with AdoptaPet: Create customized fundraising campaigns. With a focus on supporting pets in need, this platform streamlines fundraising efforts and encouraging your community to contribute.


2. PayPal 

PayPal Fundraising: PayPal allows nonprofits to accept donations via their widely used online payment platform. Qualified organizations can receive a discounted fee rate, see


3. Facebook

Facebook Fundraising: Create and share fundraisers on Facebook and encourage your supporters to do the same. Ending 10/31/23: Facebook charges no fees for donations made to nonprofits.


4. Instagram

Instagram Fundraising: Allows nonprofits to create and share fundraisers directly on Instagram. "Beginning October 31, 2023, we partner exclusively with PayPal Giving Fund for nonprofits in the United States, Canada."


5. TikTok

TikTok Fundraising: Utilize short-form video content to share compelling stories about your cause and encourage TikTok users to donate and support your mission.


6. Stripe

Accept Donations through Stripe: Stripe is an online payment processor that lets you to accept donations through the other platforms above. This link is to a guide by Stripe that walks you through the steps of setting up and accepting donations using their platform. Stripe also lets you Accept Charitable Donations with Apple Pay and offers Fee Discount for Nonprofit Organizations



For expert advice on successful fundraising strategies, dive into these fundraising guides and tips provided by experts in our field:

  1. 25 Creative Fundraising Ideas: Animal Sheltering, a publication of The Humane Society of the United States, offers this article with 25 creative fundraising ideas for animal shelters and rescues.

  2.  Ultimate Guide to Animal Shelter Fundraising: NonProfit Hub offers this comprehensive guide focusing on fundraising strategies tailored to animal shelters. 
  3. ASPCA Pro's Fundraising: Extensive hub for guidance and resources. Many diverse articles with expert advice on fundraising strategies and ideas.

We hope these resources support your animal shelter or rescue in achieving its fundraising goals. 




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