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Shelter Buddy offers uploading of your adoptable pets to your account. Their website is If you need help with your Shelter Buddy software, please contact them directly at

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The first upload from any software will permanently erase ALL your pet data on your account, including any adopted pets, adopter info, and microchip info. Please proceed carefully!

#2: If you are already uploading from another software or service, you must CONTACT THEM prior to making these changes.



To upload from Shelter Buddy to, you need to be responsible for monitoring your uploading for any errors. Errors will prevent your pets from updating or showing up on, and so need to be addressed by you as soon as possible. See errors section below for more details.

We help you monitor your uploading by sending your AutoUpload Contact an email if there are any errors, not more than once every 12 hours. You will need at least one "AutoUpload Contact" on your account for uploading to run. 

If you are not the AutoUpload contact, ask that person to log in using their Pet Publicist login, or if they don't have a login, add one for them. Click "My Info" and then "My Pet Publicist/Admin Info" i.e.

 Check the checkbox for:

 I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue.

Then click the "Update My Info" button.


Shelter Buddy allows you to enter custom values for certain field like breeds. If you use any custom values, you will need to "map" those breeds to our built-in breed values, or the pet(s) won't be able to be displayed, and un-mapped custom values will generate error emails to you every 12 hours.

Your mapping is done in an IMPORT.CFG file that is uploaded by you to your FTP folder. 

You can download our List of Breeds and Colors [XLS] to see our built-in values. Let us know if you need instructions on how to map them in your import.cfg file that you then upload via FTP to your account. We're happy to help with initial instructions, but you should be comfortable already with editing a text file (simple coding) and using an FTP program.

Breed values are case and space sensitive. For example, if you use Fox Hound, you will need to ask us to map that to our breed value Foxhound.

An example of what that might look like in your import.cfg is:

Fox Hound=Foxhound
Monterey Jack Terrier=Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)
Teddy Bear=Hamster



Because of how Shelter Buddy users can customize your Shelter Buddy's values and the number of errors that typically generates, by default Shelter Buddy does not upload colors or sizes, so pet color and size will display as Unknown. To change this default, please contact Shelter Buddy for help.


1. Log in to your Adopt-a-Pet account

2. Click "Shelter/Rescue" in the green navigation bar on top
3. Select “AutoUpload/Import Pets”

4. Select the following options to enable AutoUploading: 

  • Select "Shelter Buddy" from the Select the default profile dropdown. That autofills the options below. KEEP THE OPTIONS AS-IS or your uploading will not work correctly!

  • Do you want to allow your shelter/rescue to AutoUpload? 
    Yes (this enables uploading)

  • Allow manually added pets?
    No (if you select yes, your software will only add pets, not remove them)

  • Allow manual editing of pets?
    No (if you select yes, your software will only add pets, not remove them)

  • Does your exported data file contain a first line with column headers? 

  • Do you want import acceptable pets, even if there are processing errors with other pets?

5. Click the Set-Up (or update) button.

6. Your unique FTP login will be displayed. Send this information to Shelter Buddy.


Questions? Email us at [email protected] we're here to help!


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