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We've received some great questions from shelters and rescues about how Rehome works! 

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Below is a brief overview...

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Rehome is a no-cost online self-rehoming service for individual pet owners. Pet owners can go directly to to get started, or can get started from a referral* link. 
Getting Started: The owner answers some questions about their pet and adds pet photo to create their pet's online profile. The pet profile is published on our website, where the pet can be seen by local adopters. Potential adopters can use Rehome's built-in adoption application to apply for and potentially meet and adopt the pet. Rehome provides built-in tips and advice to guide the adopter and owner safely through speaking on the phone, meeting in person, and both parties agree, adopting the pet. 
Rehome allows shelters and rescues to refer relinquishing pet owners to Rehome using a unique link. When a referred pet's adoption is completed through the Rehome service, Rehome donates 100% of the adoption fee collected from the adopter to the referring shelter or rescue.
*To receive referral donations, organizations will be contacted and must submit a vendor form, W9 and payment method information.
Listing on Rehome protects an owner's privacy, and removes the shelter/rescues from any liability, responsibility, or effort outside of providing owners with the initial referral. The referring organization is invisible to the adopter and owner after the initial sign up process. 
Learn more about the Rehome service in our Shelter/Rescue FAQs here:


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