Adopt a Pet & Whistle Activity Monitor Research Study

The purpose of the research study is to gain insights into dog behavior and activity levels while in the shelter environment compared to while in foster homes and in adoptive homes.  The Whistle Activity Monitor device will be tracking the dog's time spent active, sleeping, drinking, licking, eating, and even scratching.  

What's in it for your shelter?

We will send your shelter a minimum of 50 Whistle Activity Monitors absolutely free!  The activity monitors are yours to keep after the research study concludes.  We will also be encouraging you to send the activity monitors home with the dog when it is adopted and we are including a no-cost subscription for the adopter so that we can continue to track the activity of the dog once it is no longer in a shelter environment.   We will also encourage you to place the monitors on any dog you are sending into foster care.

Some shelters will also receive free Wisdom Panel DNA test kits for the dogs that are taking part in the study to conduct research on the connection between activity and breed. 

You will receive weekly reports showing all of the different activities for each of the dogs in your care that have monitors placed on them.  

With your permission, your shelter will be promoted in future publishings and marketing as taking part in the research.  

Shelter Requirements:

  • Must be able to place a minimum of 50 monitors during a 3-month time period beginning in December 2022.
  • A minimum of 50 dogs during the study period of 3 months must be in a shelter environment.  Any number over that can be in a foster home.  
  • Must have reliable Wi-Fi located within the facility so the monitors can connect to the application once per day. 
  • Must have a device (smartphone or tablet) that has access to the Whistle application which is available for both iOS and Android.  
  • Must be willing to attend an orientation at the beginning of the research study.
  • Must be willing to provide basic reporting to Adopt a Pet to include the dog's breed, age, sex, S/N status, intake date, foster date, and adoption date.    
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