Switching to a new software

If your Adopt-a-Pet.com account is already set up for AutoUploading or importing from software and you want to switch to a different software, for the cleanest switch, follow these steps.

Why: Turning off the old software first generates a new FTP password. So if your prior software was using FTP, this process ensures only your new software will have access.


1. Deactivate your old software's export within that software.

2. Log in at www.adoptapet.com/login

3. From the Shelter/Rescue menu, select AutoUpload/Import Pets

4. Depending on the software, select "No" for Activate  or "No (off)" for Enabled
    You may see an option to keep or delete your already-listed pets, your choice.

5. Click the Save or Update button. 

6. The page will reload and show you this:


7. Now you can safely follow the instructions for selecting & switching to your new software. Look for those instructions here.


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