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What dog & cat values should you choose?

When you’re listing pets for adoption online or in your animal shelter software, what breed, color, and age group values do you choose – are you thinking about how those will impact that pet’s chances for being seen online and adopted?

For some pets it’s an easy choice — if you have an all-black cat, you select black for their color. But what about pets who’s color isn’t exactly described by one of the colors on the list, or who might be a mix of several breeds? For age group, do you choose kitten/puppy or young? While always being truthful, you may want to consider using the closest match to one of the top searched-for values if it fits as well as a lesser-searched-for value. More people seeing your pets means more chances at a great home, so check out our 2020 lists below!

In 2020 made some seemingly small but statistically significant changes to how potential adopters search for pets for adoption on our website. Our goal is always to help increase adoptions. You may have noticed the changes in your pet statistics. The biggest change our stats showed in 2020 is that now more people using do NOT search by breed. Only 31% of dog searches and 12% of cat searches selected a breed. Compare to 2019 when 63% of dog searches and 50% of cat searches selected a breed. For cats, the 38% change is likely due to cat breed selection moving from the initial search module to the results page filters. Dogs is likely due to the filter design allowing users to easily unselect dog breed checkboxes to run another search to see more pets matching their other criteria.

The goals of the changes are for all pets for adoption to benefit from getting seen by more adopters who are likely to want to adopt them. Pet Search Statistics
January 1, 2020-February 4, 2020


Type of Pet # of searches
dog  14,020,328
cat  4,319,867
small animal  117,488
rabbit  93,761
bird  55,744
reptile, amphibian, and/or fish  38,331
farm-type animal  29,308
horse  22,080
Total  18,696,907


 Top 20 Most-Searched Dog Breeds 
1  German Shepherd Dog
2  Labrador Retriever
3  Chihuahua
4  American Pit Bull Terrier
5  Golden Retriever
6  Australian Shepherd
7  Dachshund
8  Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier
9  French Bulldog
10  Husky
11  Goldendoodle
12  Beagle
13  Shih Tzu
14  Corgi
15  Bichon Frise
16  Boxer
17  Maltese
18  Poodle (Miniature)
19  Pomeranian
20  English Bulldog


 Top 20 Most-searched Cat Breeds 
1  Maine Coon
2  Siamese
3  Bengal
4  Sphynx
5  Ragdoll
6  Domestic Longhair
7  Balinese
8  Russian Blue
9  Munchkin
10  British Shorthair
11  Siberian
12  Persian
13  Domestic Shorthair
14  Abyssinian
15  Calico
16  American Shorthair
17  Scottish Fold
18  Norwegian Forest Cat
19  Himalayan
20  Birman

The below color and age filter data was compiled from 2.2 million search filter changes since the start of our new search experience for potential adopters in September 2019 through February 2020:

Dog color % filters
No color 86%
Black 2%
Brown/Chocolate 2%
White 2%
Tan/Yellow/Fawn 2%
Gray/Blue/Silver/Salt & Pepper 1%
Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut 1%
Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White) 1%
Brindle 1%
Silver & Tan (Yorkie colors) 1%
Merle 1%
Total 100%


Cat color % filters
No color 54%
Gray or Blue 4%
Orange or Red 4%
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby 4%
Black 4%
White 3%
Cream or Ivory 3%
Orange or Red Tabby 3%
Black & White or Tuxedo 3%
Calico or Dilute Calico 3%
Spotted Tabby/Leopard Spotted 2%
Brown or Chocolate 2%
Brown Tabby 2%
Tiger Striped 2%
Tabby 2%
Tan or Fawn 2%
Tortoiseshell 2%
Tan or Fawn Tabby 2%
Total 100%


Dog size group % filters
No size 59%
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less 19%
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) 13%
Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) 6%
X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more 3%
Total 100%


Dog age group % filters
No age 24%
puppy 35%
young 28%
adult 11%
senior 2%
Total 100%


Cat age group % filters
No age 28%
kitten 41%
young 21%
adult 8%
senior 2%
Total 100%


Curious how 2020 compares to prior years? Check out Most searched-for dog and cat breeds for the data from 2019 and 2016 too!

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