Ideas to get black pets adopted



We all know that black pets often have a harder time getting adopted. Here are some great ideas we’ve heard shelters and rescues have used to get their black pets adopted!  


#1 Get black pets seen

- Put them in the brightest kennels in your facility.
- Put them in kennels that are at eye-level, if appropriate.
- Use light colored blankets or beds in their kennel.
- Use extra bright lighting and a pale background in their photos & videos. (Be sure to read our Black Pet Photo tips article too!)
- Make their main adoption photo a close up of their face, to show their expression and eyes.
- Have them wear a bright colored collar, bandanna, t-shirt or sweater.


#2 Special events and incentives

Provide extra training to black dogs. You can mention their new skills in their adoption listings, and make them more adoptable. And/or offer several free training sessions after the adoption.

Host a “Black Goes with Everything” party with adoptable black cats and dogs as special guests. You can do this as a fundraiser and an adoption event. Ask everyone to wear black – except the pets of course, they should be in bright colors!

Have an “all black” fashion show and fundraiser at a local retailer or restaurant. Have black pets present as special guests.

Conduct adoption events with reduced adoption fees. Ask a sponsor to provide food, beds, etc., for any black pet adopted.


#3 Spread the word

Your volunteers, adopters and supporters can help spread the word that black pets are great, but are much less likely to be adopted – kind people like to help the underdog! When their family, friends or co-workers mention plans to adopt a dog or cat, they can encourage them to choose a black pet, and tell them why.

Consider a foster program for black dogs or cats. A fostered pet has the opportunity to meet the foster’s friends and neighbors, and even strangers, and display their personality.

Ask your local paper to feature black pets in a story that explains how they are overlooked and face a high euthanasia rate. Include photos of black cats and dogs available at the shelter as well as statistics on black pets at the shelter if available. Ask a professional photographer or anyone who takes good photos to take fabulous photos of your black pets for this feature. Turn these photos into a slideshow for your website and the online edition of the newspaper.


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