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*Buzz to the Rescue may not be able to upload pet photos, due to technical limitations of our uploading system and certain photo security certificates, our apologies. 

* The first upload from any software will permanently erase ALL your pet data on your account, including any adopted pets, adopter info, and microchip info. Please proceed carefully! You may want to Export your pets and adopter data first. You can not add it back later on, but it saves a copy on your computer.

* If you are already AutoUploading from another software, be sure to deactivate (set to "off") that software's AutoUpload export to first, both in the software and on That way your new software's uploading will not cause errors in adding your pets.

1. Log in at 

2. From the "My Info" menu, select "Add Pet Publicist" 


3. Fill in the form's three orange required fields to add from Buzz to the Rescues to your account. They require this, as they will then login to your account to setup and monitor your AutoUploading for you. **Note it does not matter what you put in the password field, as it will not be used, their original password is retained. The important retained field is the email address.

4. Click the add button, then click okay on the alert that already exists as a publicist.

Buzz to the Rescues will then complete your AutoUpload setup for you!


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