Exporting saved adopters and adopted pets

Q: Is there a way to export our adopted pets list that includes the adopter name & email address? The list I see for exporting and downloading adopted pets does not include these fields. Can I add them? 


A: Not instantly, but you can download the exports we do offer, and either manually merge the two using Pet Name, or if you have advanced Excel skills, you can merge the two using Excel's vlookup. (Using vlookup is too complicated for us to explain, but check out YouTube for help with that!)

First, export the adopters you've saved in your Adopt-a-Pet.com account from your My Adopter List page: Click the green button at the bottom of https://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/adopters/list to download that file.

Next, go to https://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/pet-export and select "adopted Pets" from the drop down and click the "filter" button. Wait a few moments for the adopted pets to load in the window below, then click one of the Download buttons depending on what database software you have. 

Open both files in your spreadsheet program and sort by Pet Name to match them up. If you don't have an adopter saved for each pet, this can take some time. Or if you have advanced Excel skills, you can use vLookup to get them to match up that way.

We hope that suggestion helps!

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