Do Rehome pets have to be fixed and vaccinated?

Rescue Question: "I thought any pet listed on adoptapet must be current on shots, spayed, and were from rescues only?"

A: Thanks for asking!

We don't require shelters, rescues, or pet owners to only list pets that are spayed/neutered nor do we have any vaccination requirements. We do encourage and support both! However there are enough animal control agencies and smaller shelters that are unable to provide those services so we do not require specifically but we do require all organizations operate in compliance with their local laws which may include requirements for spaying, neutering and vaccinating of pets prior to or after adoption.
Regarding pet owner listings, that's our Rehome service! Rehome launched widely in 2017 we've been promoting it ever since in our emails to all shelter/rescue accounts and there's a big square Rehome banner on the top right of your Admin Home page that you can click more information. Below are some highlights from that information to answer your questions. Please let me know if you need any other help!
What is Rehome?
Is your organization contacted by people wanting to surrender their pets to you? Rehome by and the Petco Foundation was created as an intake diversion resource you can provide to pet owners who are able to continue housing their own pet temporarily. Rehome helps owners place their pet from their home directly in to another home, avoiding adding to a potentially overcrowded animal shelter. Unlike courtesy listings, Rehome lists pets on with no effort or followup needed on your part. You can refer owners to and there is no cost to them or you. Rehome is designed to help pets go from their current home directly to their new adopter without ever entering a shelter, placing additional burden on a rescue, or ending up in dangerous hands via a classified site. It guides individuals who are rehoming a pet and gets their pet seen by potential adopters on Find out more in our Shelter/Rescue Rehome FAQs at

How does Rehome deal with pets who aren’t spayed or neutered?
Rehome now allows owners to list pets who are intact. We listened to feedback from our partners at shelters and rescues about the concerns of allowing intact pets to be adopted, but also the desire to let unaltered pets be listed on Rehome to avoid them being given away for free or sold elsewhere without any kind of spay/neuter requirements.

Based on feedback and research, we took some precautions. 

The number one reason pet owners listing pets on Rehome give for rehoming is due to financial constraints: Most can't afford to care for their pets. Instead of blocking those pets from finding a new home through our safer, guided Rehome service, we allow them to list the pet. Unaltered pets are displayed to the public with a big banner on the top of their page so that adopters understand how much they will need to invest. We require the adopter to spay or neuter their new family member within 30 days of adopting the pet; they must sign off on it in the contract to complete their adoption. We can provide a list of vets and clinics the adopters can visit in their area. Our team also checks-in up with our new families to confirm they completed the procedure. 
We won’t stop there either. We know we can do more to help these pets and are always looking at ways to encourage spaying and neutering, working with local organizations like yours.
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