Companion Connect

Companion Connect now uses our "AutoUploading" system instead of our "import" system. 


First, log in at 

Check AutoUpload Contact

One of your account Pet Publicists needs to have the AutoUpload Contact checked on their My Info > My Pet Publicist Info. They monitor and respond to any errors. As a courtesy to help you with monitoring, our AutoUpload system sends you error email alerts. The alerts includes the first basic troubleshooting step. If that does not help you to fix the error(s) please contact Companion Connect or click the blue "Help" button below to contact We are here to help!

If you were using "import" first disable that...

1. Mouse over the "Shelter/Rescue" menu and select AutoUpload/Import Pets


That takes you to the Companion Connect Pet Import Setup page. 

 2.  Uncheck the first box.

Check the second box if you want to delete all your pets from Or, you can leave it unchecked and after you click continue you'll be able to delete or update individual pets using your My Pet List.

3.  Click the "Continue" button.


Next, enable AutoUpload...

4. Select None of the Above (NOT COMPANION CONNECT)

5. Click Continue


6. Change all of the options to these...

enabled: yes

software: none of the above

manually added: no

manually edited: no

column headers: no

import acceptable pets: yes


7. Click the "Set Up" button.

8. Your FTP username and FTP password will be displayed.
   Give both to Companion Connect.

 Note: If you have multiple accounts, repeat all steps on each account.


Please contact Companion Connect or submit our Help form to contact if you need more help with this setup.

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