Petpoint: change a pet's Stage

First, search for the animal in your PetPoint software by using any of the search criteria, such as  Animal Number. (There are other choices available in the "Search criteria" drop down menu.)  Click the green "Find" button.

If there is only one result, it will take you directly to the next tab.  If more than one animal appears in the search results, click the animal number to select which animal you wish to edit. 

When the animal record has been selected, you will be shown the Express tab. Click on the animal's Stage/Location tab.

To Change the Stage of an Animal:

1. Select a different value from the Stage drop down menu. Optionally, you can add a 'Stage change reason' comment or a Review Date.  

2. In this example we changed this animal’s stage from Available to Pending Medical Assessment, recording that the animal is no longer available for adoption at this time. To save your change, click the green Add Stage button. 

3. Once successful, the screen will display the message of Stage saved.

By default, only stage "Available" is shown on and but you may need to update your customized Stage settings. Here's how to view and update your Stages:

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