Editing pets if you upload or import from your software

If you use animal shelter database software (like the ones listed here) your pet listings can likely be added, edited, and updated automatically via Adopt-a-Pet.com's "AutoUpload" or "Automated Import" services. Some software lets you choose which service to use. Here is some information to help you decide which will work best for your shelter or rescue.

Automated Import
This service is faster than AutoUpload. It is a more direct link. When you make changes to a pet in your software, including marking the pet as adopted to remove them from Adopt-a-Pet.com, those changes will be reflected on Adopt-a-Pet.com in under 1 hour.

If your software is using AutoUpload, your pets are updated by your software through a FTP account. Your software sends a CSV file of your pets to your account. Your file goes in to a queue. Our site's AutoUploading processor then processes the CSV file to add, update, or remove pets from your adoptable My Pet List. Our processor is running 24/7 but it can take a few hours for your newly uploaded CSV to get processed. Average time is 2 to 4 hours. How long depends on how many other files (and especially lots of large photo files that we have to shrink to fit on the pet pages) are in the queue ahead of your file.

AutoUpload can also function as a "push-only" service. If you want to only "push" (add) pets to your account, so you can edit them on Adopt-a-Pet.com including marking them as adopted on Adopt-a-Pet.com as well as in your software, those options can be selected on your AutoUpload page.

Comparison chart:


  AutoUpload Import

Pets can update in...

2-4 hours, on average under 1 hour
You can access your Adopt-a-Pet.com My Pet List to use the individual pet promote menu to print individual kennel cards, flyers, or share to social media yes no
You can access your Print Center to create a PDF of many kennel cards or flyers, then individually print the page of the pets you want yes yes
You can easily share pets to social media from the pet's public page. yes


You can edit a pet to add a YouTube Video URL link directly on Adopt-a-Pet.com. The YouTube Video URL is a special field that is not erased by your next upload.  yes


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