How do I remove the Contact form from my PAWsite?

Q: I want people to email us directly, not use the PAWsite contact form. I removed it from our menu, but people are still contacting us through it, can you help?

A: You have two options! Here's how to do either of them:

Option #1: Delete the form from the Contact Us page by logging in to your PAWsite, going to the Contact Us page, clicking Edit Page, then delete the form.

Option #2: You can uncheck the Contact Us option, that will completely remove the form and contact page from your PAWsite, and it will also remove the contact information from the bottom of every page of your PAWsite. To do that, please:

1. log in to your PAWsite

2. Click the "Site Settings" tab

3. Click "Site Options"

4. Uncheck both Donations and Contact Us. (This is due to the donate button bug.)

5. Click the "Publish Settings Changes" button.

6. Re-check Donations and click the publish button again.

Let us know at if you have any questions!

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