PAWsite Donate bugs

Last updated 8/29/16

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time we recommend that you do NOT modify the built-in DONATE feature of the PAWsite. (If you already have it in place and working, you can continue.) You can use this workaround instead: Add an external link to your PAWsite menu.


Donate menu button bugs

- Your donate button replicates when you make a change to your Site Settings.

For example, if you make a change to your PayPal ID or email address on your PAWsite donate button, the donate menu button will replicate. Here are the current workaround steps to have just one donate button in your navigation menu:

First, delete ALL donate buttons:
1. Click Menu 
2. Put your mouse over a donate button you want to delete, so you see a cross.
3. Click and hold your left mouse button, and drag the donate button in to the blue area on the right of your page, under where it says Pages not in Menu, release mouse button to drop it in that area (this can take a few tries)
4.  Click Publish Menu Changes
5. Repeat above if needed to delete all Donate Buttons (you will add one back later)
Next, remove Donate from your site:
6. Click Site Settings on the top
7. Click Site Features on the left
8. Uncheck "Donations PayPal ID"
9. Click Publish Settings Changes
Finally, re-add Donate with the new info:
10. Click Site Settings on the top
11. Click Site Features on the left
12. Check "Donations PayPal ID" 
13. Type in your PayPal email address in the ID box
14. Click Publish Settings Changes
If you need help please email us at -- thank you!


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