Add Approved Badge to your PAWsite

Show the world that you are an Approved Shelter or Rescue! Use one of our badge codes display the design of choice on your PAWsite, website, or blog. Here's how:


1. Log in to your shelter/rescue account

2. On your Admin Home page (the one that says Hello near the top") look on the right a little bit down, you'll see the badges in your dashboard. Click on the text that says "Get your badge code here."

3. Find the badge you want to use on that page or on the breed badge page.

4. Click in the box below the badge that has the code. The code will now be highlighted.

5. Press your keyboard's "Control" and "C" (or Command and C on a Mac) keys at the same time to copy the code.

6. Use your browser's back button to get back to your Admin Home page, then click Go To Your Pawsite, then the link in To edit or design your PAWsite, click here.

Now you are on your PAWsite! 

You need to decide where you want the badge. It needs to go in a text box. The front page is a great place for your badge as by default it has a text box already, below your pet widgets. Here's how to add it to the front page:

7. click "Edit this Page" in the upper right

8. click the Edit Text button that is now visible over the text box. It looks like this:

9. Put your cursor in the text box where you want the badge to go. Then click the "code view" button, it looks like this: </>

10. Paste the badge code in to that box by holding down the "Control" and "C" keys (or Command and C on a Mac).

11. Make sure to click the little blue save tab to save your changes!

That's it!


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