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Q: How do you delete menu items? And how do you delete items that are part of a drop down menu?



Your PAWsite menu items can be deleted by...

1. Log in to edit your PAWsite

2. Click on "Menu"

3. Drag the menu items you want deleted them out of the menu area to delete them. To drag a menu item, put your mouse over the item/button until you see the black cross, then click and continue holding down your mouse button to hold on to the item, then move your mouse to drag it off the page (like to the right) and 'drop' (unclick) it. 

5. Click Publish Menu Changes button.


Dragging can be a bit tricky as items sometimes jump around. We suggest making one change at a time. So make one menu change, then click "Publish Menu Changes" after each change.

That way, if you make a mistake, you can just navigate away from the Menu editing page (so click on any other tab, like say "Pages") and then click the "Discard changes" button that pops up. Then go back to "Menu" and try again!


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