3 types of account email addresses

There are three types of email addresses on your Adopt-a-Pet.com shelter account.

1. Your "Pet Publicist" admin email address is private. You use that to login.
2. Your "Shelter E-mail" which is on your "Shelter/Rescue Info" page https://www.adoptapet.com/cgi-bin/shelter/shelter.cgi/shelter_edit_form is public if you selected to show that email address in the "Show Public" options. That email is the main one adopters use to contact you, it appears by default on your pet listings if you selected to show it.
3. You can also use "Pet Contacts" http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/pet-contacts if you use different public emails within your rescue for potential adopters to contact, for example, foster homes or specific volunteers. A "pet contact" can be created, then assigned when you add or edit a pet.
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    Angelica Chavez-Etchechury

    DO you provide with email addresses?

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    Hi Angelica! No, we do not provide email addresses. Thank you!

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