Your pet listings on Partner Sites

Your shelter's or rescue's pets can appear on partner sites with no extra effort on your part!

Partner sites can get your pets seen by even more potential adopters with no extra effort on your part. Partner sites' visitors search for adoptable pets and then contact you directly by email and/or phone, based on your "Show Public" contact option that your've selected Shelter/Rescue Info page.

We give you control over where your pets are being seen. You can opt out of - or back in to - each of our Partner websites at any time. It may take a day or two for a partner site to update and add or remove your pets and information.

See all your Partners choices and your public contact info on your Shelter/Rescue Info page at:

 Look in the blue Partners box, it starts like this:


If you make changes, be sure to click the
button on that page to save them.


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