Do PAWsites come with email?

Q: How do I get a PAWsites email account?


A: PAWsites are only websites. They are not an email hosting service. So you will still need to have an email account and address somewhere else (like a free email account from

Speaking of Email addresses:
A PAWsite lets you enter one email address (like a gmail email address or any other email address you already have) as the primary contact which appears on the built-in contact page.
However you are welcome to not use the built-in "Contact Us" page, and instead create a new page with a text box and you can type in as many email addresses as you like there.
If you use the PAWsites built-in adoption application, that will send the applications to just one email address, it can be the same or different email. Applications are also viewable on the PAWsite via the form options button. See more info about Applications here.
Please email if you need more help with this. Thank you!
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    Michael Ann Simpson

    I need to know how to publish the Paw site so it visible to the public

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    Hi Michael! Your PAWsite is visible as soon as you create it, however no one will know where to see or find it until you give them or otherwise promote your PAWsite link. If you have any other questions, please email - thank you!

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