Petstablished can automatically upload (add) and update (edit/remove) your adoptable pets on your account. 

It's easy! Just follow the steps below.


* The first upload will permanently erase ALL your available pets, adopted pets, adopters, and microchip info from Use Pet Export and Adopter Export to download and save the data on your computer before you change any settings. Only available pets are uploaded.

* You need at least one "AutoUpload Contact" on your account for uploading to function. That contact will get any error emails so they can contact Petstablished to fix them. If you are not the AutoUpload contact, ask that person to log in using their Pet Publicist login to complete the steps below. If they aren't a publicist yet, add them here checking "I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue."

* If you were AutoUploading from another software already, FOLLOW THESE STEPS first.

To set up AutoUploading

1. Log in to your Adopt-a-Pet account

2. From "Shelter/Rescue" in the green navigation bar, select “AutoUpload/Import Pets”

3. Select "Petstablished" from Select Software Provider menu and click Continue.

4. KEEP THE DEFAULT OPTIONS that autofill, or the upload will not work automatically!

5. Click set-up-button.jpg

6. Your unique FTP info will be displayed. 

7. In your Petstablished software...
   - under Organization settings, go to  "exports and iframes"
   - click "add new export"
   - type in a title, copy over your FTP info, click setup

That's it! Your pets should upload within 24 hours, and generally update every 8 hours after that.

If you need more help, please let us know: Contact Adopt a Pet here

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    Andrea Avoian

    Very Helpful article, thank you Jennifer. I just got us set up at both locations with no problem :)

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