Resize and add a new photo to slideshow

Here's an easy way to resize an image for your PAWsites slideshow:
1. Go to
2. First, look for the "New Size" box, type in 414
3. Click the HEIGHT button next to that box. 
For a slideshow photo ideally you want 1280 wide by 414 high -- but height is the most important.)
4. Upload an image: click choose file, find the photo file, then upload image. 
5. Click download this image
Now you can upload it to your PAWsites slideshow:
1. Log in to your PAWsite and click "Edit this Page" on your slideshow page.
2. Click Manage Slides.
3. On the left, click "Add New Slide"
4. Click "Select Image" then "upload files" then "select files" 
5. Browse to the newly downloaded file (will have _opt added to the file name) 
   click open, then click blue "insert into post" button.
6.  Click "create slide" blue button, that will save it!
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