View Adoption Applications

Below are 6 steps to view your adoption application submissions (or any other form submission) on your PAWsite.
Each application submission is also emailed to you. (See our separate help article to view or Change email that gets Adoption Applications if needed.) It is easiest to look at and save your Adoption Application emails. PAWsites only display submissions in a list that is not sortable nor searchable. But if someone says they filled out an application and you didn't get it, as a backup you can see them on your PAWsite:
1. Log in to your PAWsite
2. Navigate to your Adoption Application page. If you have not added that page to your menu, to get to the application, view any pet on your PAWsite and click "Apply To Adopt."
3. Click orange "Edit This Page" tab in upper right corner.
4. Put your mouse over the application area of the page. Click big "Edit" button that appears.
5. Click "Form Options" button.
6. You can now see the list of submissions on the bottom of that popup. Click the "View" button next to any to view.
See our other PAWSITES help articles or email if you need more help!
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