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When you initially create your PAWsite, your public contact information is copied over to your PAWsite in several places. For example: the city, state, and zip are placed under your logo on all your PAWsite pages, as well as being copied on to your PAWsite Contact Us page, and into the Adoption Application if you're using that page. Each need to be updated separately if you want to change them.

To edit the city, state, and zip under your logo:

1. Log in to edit your PAWsite at

2. Click "Site Settings" in the blue menu bar at the top.
That makes the Settings sidebar appear on the right.

3. In the Settings sidebar, under Name & Logo, edit the city/state/zip that are in the "Site Description" box. You can delete it if you don't want anything under your logo, or you can type a slogan or any other text you'd like there too!

4. Click the "Publish Settings Changes" button at the bottom to save.

This will not change your info on your account like on your pet listings and also it will not change your PAWsites Contact Info page. Those need to be changed separately if you also want them changed.


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