Add a breed not on the list

Q: Would you please add this breed to the list of breeds so I can add this pet?

A: Thank you for asking! I'm so sorry, because of how our website search works, adding a breed to our database is very time intensive. We are not able to add new breeds at this time. We will note your breed request for the future though!

Rare breeds in the US, designer breeds, or breed variations (including common or descriptive names used for some pets within a breed) are very rarely searched for by adopters visiting our site. So listing a pet under that breed name would greatly reduce the chances of them getting seen, and adopted. Instead, we ask you list the pet by the closest breed, and then in the pet's description you can describe their exact breed.

There are also other reasons, many due to all the dozens of software and partner websites that help your pets get seen.

Thank you for your feedback!


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