Why we ask for a link from your website

Q: Can you help me understand how a link from our website to yours will increase visibility of our pets?

A: We ask that, if possible, you add a link from your website to either www.adoptapet.com or your pet listings page on our site using any of the links at http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/listing_links <-- there are some great buttons and banners you can use at that link, or you can use one of these Approved Badges.

We ask that because every link to our site helps your pet listing page be seen and clicked by more people in Google search results, which helps your adoptable pets get seen by more potential adopters!

To explain in more detail... 

Our goal is to get your adoptable pets as much exposure to potential adopters as possible. One of the ways we have been able to do that over the years is build a website that it tailored to receiving as much traffic as possible from Google and other search engines. Our SEO gurus have optimized Adopt-a-Pet.com so that rescues and shelters get their pets seen by a large variety of people searching for a pet right now. In many cases we rank well in Google for terms that people use to find pets but aren’t about adoption. This helps rescues and shelters get their pets seen by people who didn’t know adoptable pets are a solution to their pet search. 

Having rescues and shelter link to their pages on our site helps increase the chances of someone finding your pets who maybe is looking to get a pet from a pet store or breeder. Generally speaking, most shelter and rescue websites aren’t well equipped to rank well for those kind of searches, but we are, and then those people can see your pets, and adopt a pet instead.

Thanks for your question!


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