Adding additional pets if I upload from my software

Q: I would like to add some dogs that are courtesy posts, so they are not a part of our software upload. How can I add them without them being erased with the next upload?


A: You are correct that on an account with AutoUploading on and fully automated to add and update pets, the next upload will erase any manually added pets. There is a solution! You can create a 2nd "location" account that is just for courtesy listings, and that one will not have uploading on it. You could use the same login email if you'd like. The account name could be something like "Woofy's Animal Rescue - Courtesy Listings" or similar. 


If you'd like to use the same email to login, you can add the 2nd account here:


If you'd like to use a different email to login, you'd add the 2nd account here:


FYI: there's no way to move pets between accounts, so make sure you add them to the correct account.


Thanks for your question!



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