Give someone access to volunteer info

Q: I have a volunteer who will be responding to volunteer inquiries. I forward all inquiries I receive to her but when she clicks the volunteer name she can’t access the info and reply to the person. What do I need to do to give her access?  

A: For your volunteer to be able to see the volunteer information in the Volunteer center, she needs to be able to log in to your account. There are two options for doing that:

1. You can let her log in using your Pet Publicist aka admin email and password.  

2. You can create a new Pet Publicist login aka admin login for her at  

If you choose #2, she can receive the same email alerts when new volunteeres are added if you  check the "Volunteers in Your Area" alert option. 

Please be aware that all Pet Publicists have full admin rights.      

Thanks for your question!

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