Adding videos other than YouTube

Q: Is there another way to add a video other than using the pet's YouTube URL field? Do you accept uploaded videos?


A: The recommended way to add a video to your pet is to use the pet's YouTube Video URL field when you are adding or editing a pet on


If you use shelter software they may support a video url field upload too. If your software doesn't support YouTube video links AND if your software is using our AutoUpload, you can log in to your account and edit a pet to add the YouTube Video URL as that is a special field that will not be erased by your next upload. If your software uses our Import uploading system, you can only add them in your software.


We currently allow you to link to secure https videos that you've uploaded to other video websites (like Vimeo or Facebook) in the pet's Story / Description field, using basic HTML. The video will not play on the pet's page, but can display clickable text. Basic HTML for a link is like this:

<a href="">Watch our Facebook video here</a>

So you type

<a href="

then right next to that without a space
paste your video link that starts with https, then type

">Clickable text</a>

after the link.

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