Which pets were sent in Search Saver emails

Q: How do we know you have sent one of our pets to a matching request?


A: That's a great question! We do have a count of how many times all your pets were seen in Search Saver emails in your weekly statistics emails and also on your admin area stats page at 

Look for the line that says...
Times seen in Search Saver emails 123456
"Seen" means the person opened the email and their email program loaded the photo in it, that's how our servers know and can track that stat for you.
While we don't currently have a way to see which pets were seen/sent in those emails, we do have track individual pet page views, we label those "Pet's Details Opened" and you can see those in your weekly emails, and by clicking Individual Pet Stats at the top of your admin area stats page.
Please email Laurie and Jennifer at helpdesk@adoptapet.com if you have any other questions!
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