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Q: We definitely need as many kitten and cat fosters as we can get right now. We get on an average 5-20 kittens in a week and cat season hasn't even begun yet.


A: To get connected to foster home volunteers in our Volunteer database near you, we ask that you use our Volunteer search tool. 


You can email all matching volunteers at once from within the tool, or contact each of them directly. If you use our tool, the email will come from your login email address, so you'll get any replies directly. We suggest you keep the email simple, like, "Reply to this email if you can foster kittens!" Then when the volunteer replies, you can let them know if you have an application or orientation to fill out, or to call you, or however you normally handle and screen new foster volunteers.
Here's the direct link to the Volunteer search tool:




In the tool you select a radius from your zip, select cats, if you need them to be 18 or older (though if you leave all ages, you'll get more who might have adults who can be responsible) and select "male kitten" and "female kitten". 


Please let me know if you need any other help with that! You can email Jennifer and Laurie at


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