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Q: I volunteer for a rescue and I post the pet pictures. What is the best size for the pictures?

A: That's wonderful you volunteer for a rescue!

Currently the maximum size for a pet listing photo to display is 600 wide x 400 high. Our photo uploading tool shrinks larger photos, as long as each photo file is not larger than 8MB (or 2MB if AutoUploaded). It is faster for you to upload photos that are smaller, around 200k is usually plenty big. 

Photos used for the thumbnails that appear in search results will appear cropped into a square. (When someone clicks to see the pet's info, the photo appears uncropped.) The thumbnail is generated from the pet's 1st photo. If it is a horizontal, it crops off the sides to make a square. If it is a vertical, it crops off the top and bottom (equally from both) to make a square. So keep that in mind when choosing a pet's 1st photo 

Size Tip: If you don't have photo editing software to resize your photo to make it smaller, you can try this free online tool

1. Upload the photo to lunapic.
2. From the "Edit" menu select "Scale image" 
3. Type in the number 600 for width. Leave height alone it will automatically shrink.
4. Click "Scale image"
5. Click the save link under the photo.
Now you can upload the smaller photo to your pet listing!


Thanks for your question!

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