Pet's photo isn't sharing on Facebook

Q: When I try to promote Naomi one of our dogs listed on on Facebook it doesn't show her pic? It does on the others but not on hers. Can you help?
A: Naomi is adorable in her blue bow! This happens occasionally due to the way Facebook caches photos - it's a known bug with Facebook. Someone shared Naomi's link on Facebook before she had a photo, so Facebook cached (stored) our 'no photo' cartoon dog image.
The good news is there is a super easy 1-2-3 fix, which I've done for her, and which you can do if you ever run into this again! 
1. Go to:
2. Type in the URL of the pet's page. So for Naomi, that's  
3. Click the "Debug" button.
That's all you have to do! Try sharing her now. I tested it and her newer blue bow photo is now sharing correctly.
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