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Q: We have dogs fostered and for adoption all over North America.  When I add them to your site, they all come up under the same location. Can I enter them so they will show up for people searching near the foster's location? 

A: Yes! To list pets in different zip codes, like if you have a foster home in a different area, each zip code needs to have a separate account, and the pet needs to be listed on that account.

Important location note: As a courtesy, we currently allow organizations that transport pets to create "location" accounts to be able to add their pets in their transport stops zip codes, provided those pets are not duplicate listed within 250 miles of each other. (The distance restriction is part of our terms of use that you agree to when you create an account.) Each location account must also clearly state in that account's information where the pet is actually located i.e. "This dog is being fostered in Tennessee", any transport costs to paid by the adopter, and your adoption return policy.

So that you can use the same login and switch between accounts without having to log out and log in again, here's how to create a new location account:

1. Log in to your existing account

2. Select "Sign Up a new Shelter/Rescue/Location" from the Shelter/Rescue menu, here's a direct link to that page:

3. IMPORTANT!!! When you type in your 
Shelter/Rescue Name
 add a unique identifier to your organization's name.
Example: "Woofy Rescue" could type "Woofy Rescue - West" 
4. In the "2. Address (visible to public)" section, type the City, State and Zip / Postal where you want your pets to appear in search results. 
5. Fill out the rest of the form. If this is a transport stop location account, be sure to include where the pets are actually located and how your transports work in the "Come Meet Our Pets" field. Then click the Add Shelter/Rescue button at the bottom. 
6. You will now be in the preview mode for that new location account. We will review and approve new location accounts within 2-3 business days.
7. You can add pets to the new location account now, while you wait for us to approve it.
Click on Admin Home to switch back into your already-approved account. You will need to be in an approved account to add more locations, or to see pets you listed on your other account(s) for example.
After you add a location, on your Admin Home page, you will see a switch menu:
  • Pets can not be moved or copied between locations. Each location account functions as a separate account. To "move" a pet, add the pet to that location account, switch to the other location, and delete it from the prior account. 

  • Do NOT duplicate list the same pets within 250 miles of each other. 

  • If you use software that supports different pet locations, AutoUploading can also be set up on each account. Contact your software provider or us for instructions.

If you need more help, please click the blue "help" bubble below, search for anything then click "Contact Us" to contact us via that form. We're here to help!





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